Timetabling Service

Using Timeworks means that the school stays in control at every stage. A nominated senior member of staff liaises with the timetabler, and takes the crucial decisions.

The school supplies a curriculum model, and list of teachers with their loadings. Don will discuss the curriculum model, and surrounding issues with the nominated senior leader. He can also help with options, and run the options programmes, if required.

Ideally, Don likes to meet the key curriculum leaders, to find out their precise requirements. We provide each Curriculum Leader with a staffing proforma, which contains a list of their classes on which they enter their staffing requirements. There is also a questionnaire which elicits further information, such as details of part-time staff, requirements for double periods, etc. These are then returned by email. During the scheduling process the timetabler liaises with the senior member of staff until the senior member of staff approves the timetable.

We remain on call for the whole year for any modifications that might arise.