Terms and Conditions

For timetabling, the school’s Systems Manager, will need to be available for data transfer during the timetable process, and to print out student and staff timetables. The school will need to update class lists and assign a member of the clerical team to enter class list data.

For Student Subject-Choices, a member of the school’s support, or administration, staff will need to collect subject-choice return sheets.


We will be pleased to discus our fees during the Initial Consultation, which is free, and involves no obligation.

  • 30% is payable on agreement of the contract.
  • 70% is payable on agreement that the contract has been completed.
  • Payment terms are 30 days.

If a complete timetabling package is purchased, then the agreed fee automatically includes any work done on curriculum analysis, options, training or anything else – the package is totally inclusive. Ongoing support and updating, through school visits, or video-conferencing, are included in the price, for the duration of the timetable. There are no additional costs.