Curriculum Planning

As part of the timetabling package, we offer a full Curriculum Planning Service, including subjects, courses on offer, grouping and banding arrangements, structuring your cycle, days, and timings, and any split lunch arrangements. We could look at your staffing structure and advise you on recruitment and deployment.

Innovative Ideas

One of the advantages of working with Timeworks is that we see a variety of novel ways in which schools are addressing common problems. With the permission of the source school, we can sometimes put you in contact with an organisation that that has an alternative solution to a problem you face.

Perhaps your taught week for Key Stage 4 should be longer than that for Key Stage 3? Are you able to offer a wide enough variety of courses to match the needs and aspirations of your students?

Are you accommodating Work-Related Learning without college courses disrupting the rest of your timetable? Are you able to offer a wide enough range of subject choice, as well as organising ‘Pathways’ to suit individual needs?

We will analyse your present curriculum structure and staff expertise, and may be able to suggest innovative ways to enhance your provision. If required, we can provide a fully-costed curriculum model, along with suggestions for future developments.

Free Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation is free – we would be pleased to discuss ways in which we may be of service to you.