Video Conference Support

If you are a novice timetabler, or possibly more experienced and looking for ways to solve a problem, we can organise a video conference with Don McGillivray to provide the support you need.

Both parties will see your NOVA T6 screen. Don will give you guidance, and can operate your cursor, remotely, when this might be useful.

Contact us with an outline of your problem, and a copy of your NOVA T6 file. We will consider a solution and organise a video conference to guide you through the relevant steps.


For the first hour the charge is £150, and this is because beforehand, Don will have studied your NOVA T6 file in some detail. Once Don is familiar with your file, subsequent hours are charged at £90.

This is an outstanding facility to guide you through the trickier parts of timetabling, and a way to develop your own expertise. Nothing beats one to one tuition on an issue specific to you.